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Galileo Galilei
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A variety of Apple (but spelled McIntosh)
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10 to the power of 10 to the power of 2 ( 10102 which is also 10 to the power of one hundred and can be written as 10100).
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Kiwi or kiwifruit
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One tonne (or metric ton)
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10,000 (100×100 metres)
Mars (Olympus Mons, over 25,000m or 82,000 ft)
The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also known as the orca, and less commonly as the blackfish
Cloud cover (0 oktas is completely clear to 8 oktas completely overcast).
The Kelvin (not degree Kelvin)
It’s a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid (optimally in a molar ratio of 1:3)
Fungus (ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye)
The Onager (Equus hemionus) is a large member of the genus Equus of the family Equidae (horse family) native to the deserts of Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India, Israel, and Tibet. It is sometimes known as the Wild Asian Ass
Corundum (also known as ruby or sapphire when transparent)
Living together of unlike organisms
Isobath (or more mundanely, depth contours, or simply contour lines)
On a beach. It’s the skeleton of a species of burrowing sea urchins belonging to the order Clypeasteroida. Also known as a sea cookie or snapper biscuit in New Zealand, or pansy shell in South Africa.
The World Wide Web at CERN in Geneva
A high speed train. Shinkansen (新幹線) means “new main line”.
The stratosphere (with the Tropopause between them)
Saturn Ⅴ (Energia would in theory be more powerful but was launched with less power).
Sails (A small triangular sail set above the skysail in order to maximize effect in a light wind.)
Directly beneath it, it‘s the point of origin of an earthquake.
Nothing. After September 2, the next day was September 14, due to the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
Spirits (alcohol). A pony is half a shot. A jigger is a shot and a half. 16 shots in a pint.
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It’s a white odourless crystalline powder
Bright yellow or orange with reflective surfaces.
Computerised Axial Tomography
Structure, function and life of cells
Digital Versatile Disc
Frequency modulation
To test for colour blindness
Fear of everything
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The duckbill platypus, some shrews and the solenodon
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Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) which has replaced Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
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Luna 9 (Луна-9) launched on January 31, 1966 (Luna Ⅱ struck the moon in 1959).
Burj Khalifa in Dubai, since 2010
The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy discovered in 2003 is classified as an irregular galaxy and is now thought to be the closest neighboring galaxy to the Earth, being located about 25,000 light-years (7.7 kiloparsecs) away.
Linus Pauling
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Yes, 1.41 times as dense
A venom is injected by biting or stinging.
A resin, commiphora myrrha.
Meteor showers (third week in April, July – August, and mid-November).
Tungsten at 3,683K (3,410℃), Carbon doesn’t melt under normal pressure, it sublimes.
Once the assembly line was developed, only black dried fast enough. It was offered in other colours before that.
According to Wendy Northcutt, the Awards honour people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion.
International Business Machines
The reduction in body temperature following death (Latin: algor – coolness; mortis – of death).
Delivers an electric shock to the heart and allows normal heart rhythm to be re-established
Fish have vertical tail fins and mammals have horizontal tail fins.
The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
Playing dead (playing possum)
In the palm of your hand or just above the genitals
Six: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon.
Graphite and clay (mainly)
The Interpretation of Dreams (Die Traumdeutung).